simple mass mail merge:





  • Install SM3 add-on from the Google Marketplace. The add-on is compatible with all browsers and only requires a Gmail account.
  • Open a Google sheet and click on Add-ons from Menu bar.
  • Search for “Simple Mass Mail Merge” and install the Add-on.


  • Go to your Gmail or Google Inbox account and create a new draft message. You can include one or more variable fields in the email message using the {{FIELDNAME}} notation and these will be replaced with the actual values from the Google sheet when the emails are sent.
  • Say you want to send an email to a group where the content of the message body is mostly similar except a few fields like salutation, first name and city that will be unique for each message. What you need to do is add columns in the sheet (Created in Google Sheets) for each of these variable fields. And in your Gmail Draft, you can refer to these variable fields as {{First Name}}, {{Company Name}} and so on.


  • Add the source data in a Google Sheet and follow the wizard to run SM3. One email would be sent for each row in the sheet.