Install Simple Workflow Manager

Step 1:

Go to Google Spreadsheet, click on “Add-ons” in the menu then “Get add-ons” in the submenu.

Step 2:

A popup will appear and click on search bar and write “Simple Workflow Manager”. Press enter key.

Click on the link to open "Simple Workflow Manager" directly.

Step 3:

Your search has finished with Simple Workflow Manager option. Just click on “Install” button.

A popup will appear for the confirmation, click on “Continue” button to continue the installing process.

Step 4:

Another window will open with your Gmail accounts lists. You have to select any one account to proceed with.

Then, another screen will appear with grant permissions – there you have to click on “Allow” button.

A popup will appear with the message that your app has been installed, click on “Done” button.

Step 5:

Go to the Google Spreadsheet, click the Add-ons menu and you’ll see a new menu called Simple Workflow Manager. Click on Configure Workflow.