Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, It works with GMail and Gsuite both. You can install simple mass mail merge using this link
Yes Simple Mass Mail Merge, works with GMail and Gsuite both. You can create a Google sheet™ and send personalized messages to your audience. It is completely FREE! But be aware you still honor Google Policies™ around emailing to your audience. \n\nYou can install simple mass mail merge using this link
Send Merged mails in GMail in three Simple steps:
1. Install Simple Mail Merge for Google and Create a Google Sheet™ with Data to be merged and Email Ids of recipients.
2. Create Draft GMail and Google Docs™ with {{Tags}} matching with Google sheet™ head row.
3. Send merged data email and dynamically generated documents with {{Tags}} replaced by Google sheet™ data.
Yes, send as many mails as allowed by Google Policies™ of your account. Its totally FREE.
As of now, simple answer is NO, as we have allowed tool to be used for free despite putting huge engineering effort, in the hope that maximum people should use this tool with paying anyone.
Number 1, Its simple and its free. Simple Mass Mail Merge has Migration tool inbuilt in the setting tab, that can be used by anyone to migrate your existing templates (which use different {{Tag}} prefixes and suffixes) and MIGRATE to Simple Mass Mail Merge.
Of course, we allow you generate only documents and save in your Google Drive™ without sending Gmails to users. Many startups are using this feature to generate the dynamic documents from a Google Sheet™. It helps them save time and meet compliance requirements. Typical use cases seen by us are Internship Letters, Offer Letters, Contracts, Agreements etc. For more Complex document generations we have build Simple Tabular Document Generator which has inbuilt capabilities to capture data for complex documents and generate and save them in Google drive™.
Using [ Simple Workflow Manager ] for Google Gsuite™ and GMail YES (which is a paid tool after 100 FREE tasks in a Month), using Simple Mass Mail Merge No.
Its very simple just mention {{Tag1}} {{Tag2}} in your email or documents. SM3 will match the head row in Google sheet™ and replace it by row value as needed, before sending the mail.
Yes, use TEST button. It will send the Mail only to you(who has created the campaign in SM3). You can check the mail in GMail Inbox and once satisfied, than only press the RUN button.
Of course, Yes and it also allows you create a Google sheet™ by extracting {{Tags}} from GMail Drafts and Google Document™ with {{Tags}}, using [Extract Tags and Create Datasheet] option on user interface.
Yes, Create Column in Google Sheet™ with name [Attachment], Click on cell in Google Sheet™ (row in which you need to attach your existing document) and Click link [Add Simple Attachment] on AddOn UI. Select the File you wish to attach in popup, a document link is saved in datasheet cell. Simple Mass Mail Merge will use this link and attach to email, when you run the campaign.
Real answer is No, but you can use alternative method. to use alternate method - First you Just generate the dynamic documents and save in drive. Than attach documents saved in drive using [Add Simple Attachment] which allows multiple documents to be attached to merged GMail, which is sent via SM3.
No we access/save no data on our Servers. As mentioned clearly in our Privacy Policy and as per review of code by Google itself, we save no data related you on any of our servers. In case, you reach us for some support activities, we may need access to your machine and look at issues you may be facing, which we do only in your presence.
Yes. End users are shown a warning whenever any addon is not approved by Google. Simple Mass Mail Merge is approved by Google for safety and meeting Google Guidelines on Google Sheets™ addOn.
Of course, you are welcome! to reach out to our support team anytime. It is MOSTLY FREE. In certain cases, when you need specific changes which are of use to only yourself, we may charge a small fee for helping you. But in all such cases, you will be informed (for hours of services and charges upfront) and based on payments from you, you will be helped as a separate support contract.