Simple Workflow Manager for Google GSuite

Simple Workflow Manager for Google GSuite is a simple, free and powerful Google Sheet Add-On to manage your Google form responses or Google sheet data into automated workflows which make approvals and dynamic document generation in workflows super simple.

Simple Workflow Manager for Google GSuite helps you manage any workflow with-in Google products using following features:-

  • Quickly create and assign workflows to your team using Google Sheet or using individual emails.
  • Generate and get approvals on dynamic documents based on user inputs in workflows.
  • Use Google forms to collect structured data for your teams in required flow.
  • Track activity from the dashboard and get notified when tasks are done.

Simple Workflow Manager for Google GSuite is as simple as:

Getting Started


cold calling

Step 1:

Navigate to GSuite Marketplace and search for Simple Workflow Manager for Google GSuite. Click on Install Now button.

background check

Step 2:

You can select from 4 different types of workflow trigger, 1. On Google form submit, 2. On Gmail arrival, 3. At specific time, 4. Using google sheet.

arrange a meeting

Step 3:

You can define at each workflow step, the participant, document to be generated and email to be sent. Dynamic replacement of {{Tags}} is supported in Email and Document generation. You can also define escalation path when participant fails to take action in a defined time frame.

get customer input

Step 4:

Click Run button and sentbox in Gmail. Click on link provided to complete the task.

generate Draft Solution

Step 5:

You can track history of your workitems and terminate any workitem at any time.

get customer input

Step 6:

For complex workflows you may define routing conditions to skip steps and/or change participants dynamically.


Understanding workflow triggers

Designing workflow

Creating draft and doc templates

Track your workflow