Schedule Time Based Initiation

"Schedule Time Based Initiation" is a type of trigger which works as "Google Sheet™ trigger". Except, in this you can set time period like daily, weekly, monthly or yearly for any workflow and the system will generate it automatically according to the time period you set, for example - Payroll Management.

Firstly, go to your gmail account. Click on grid icon present on the top right of your gmail account. Then click on Sheets.

Follow Step 1 - Step 5 of "Step by Step Guide" tab.

Create datasheet according to your requirements.

You can view three horizontal tabs on the top i.e. "plus" icon represents add workflow attributes, "timer" icon represents workflow history and "user" icon represents user settings.

You can add workflow attributes by entering workflow related details like Workflow Name, Workflow Process, when to Trigger, how to trigger and its related information.

In Workflow Name you have to enter the name which you want to give to your workflow.

In Workflow Process you can add steps of the workflow and their respective details.

There are again two horizontal tabs i.e. trigger and workflow routing icon. In trigger, you can fill the trigger related details (explained below) and in next tab, you can find new route condition.

In trigger, you can select trigger - "Schedule Time Based Initiation".

In "Generate form using Doc Template", you can select doc template for creating form dynamically.

Go to your gmail account. Click on grid icon present on the top right of your gmail account. Then click on Docs.

You can click on blank doc or open an existing one.

You have to mention variables in double curly braces. Then, the form is created on the basis of variables present in the doc file.

In "Trigger Participant" you can select the column from your sheet which contains the email id of first participant.

By default, "Schedule" value is set to none. Click on "Schedule" button and select time period on which you want to run the workflow i.e. none (one time), daily, weekly or monthly.

After selecting the time period. You have to fill the start date and end date fields. These are the fields to to start the workflow from which date and ends on which date.

Click on Save, to save to details and creates 4 sheets i.e. Workflow_Master_Sheet, Workflow_History_Sheet, Completed_Workflow_Sheet and Workflow_Error_Logs.

You can click on plus icon to add new step in the workflow.

Then, you have to add its details like Step Name, Step Participant, Capture Step's Input, Email to Notify Step Participant, Attach Dynamic Document in Email, Action Buttons.

In Step Name, mention the name which you want to give to step. For example, you set name to "Approval" because you want somebody to approve your form.

In Step Participant, select the column name from your sheet which contains the email id of step participants. For example, in this you have to mention the email of the participant from whom you want the approval for the form.

In Capture Step's Input, select the form which will sent to step participant.

In Email to Notify Step Participant, you can send an email to any other step particpant to notify about this step.

In Attach Dynamic Document in Email, you can attach the document which is present in your google docs™ to send it along with the form for knowledge.

In Action Buttons, you can select buttons for the form for step participant depends on the actions you want participant to perform. For example, "Approve", "Reject", "Hold".

Click on Delete, to delete to the step.

Click on Save, to save to details.

Click on Run to run the workflow.

When the participant (whose email id is mentioned Trigger Participant) fills the form, the system will send the response to the step participant for further process. By the time, the entry (response) has been filled in the Workflow_Master_Sheet and Workflow_History_Sheet.

Then, step participant(s) should fill the form accordingly that helps in completing the workflow. You can find the data has been filled in the sheets automatically.

Four sheets created are as follows:

1. "Workflow_Master_Sheet" which gives you all the information in one sheet.

2. "Workflow_History_Sheet" which provides you the history of the workflow like Workflow Name, Work Item ID, Participant, Action, Time Stamp.

3. "Completed_Workflow_Sheet" is the sheet where all the completed work items are stored.

4. "Workflow_Error_Logs" is the sheet where you find the errors come in between the workflow.